About Me

My name is Nancy Polli.   I reside with my husband in rural east central Illinois. I have 2 grown children who also own bulldogs. We obtained our first bulldog in 2004. He was a 5 year old rescue that came through the vet clinic where I worked. He was dog aggressive, due to be euthanized, but that didn’t matter to me. I was determined to make a home for him and save him from an early death. He wound up being the greatest dog anyone could have ever wanted. We were fortunate to have him for 5 more wonderful years. At the time I brought him home, I was involved in pugs and he was great with them, he just couldn’t be around any male that was his size or larger. My family’s heart grew for the bulldog breed and I then decided I wanted to try and raise bulldogs. So my search began for the perfect bulldog. I found Myrtle and the rest is history. The goal of my breeding program is to produce healthy, long lived dogs with great temperaments that adhere to the bulldog standard set by the Bulldog Club of America.

After having my first litter, and with encouragement from a couple of mentors, I decided to give conformational dog showing a try. I loved it and have since finished one of my home bred girls, Fern Gully, to her Championship and am looking forward to producing many more. I occasionally have puppies that are available to show homes or pet homes, so feel free to contact me for availability. My puppies that go to show homes will be sold on co-ownership with me until they are finished.  Pet puppies will have limited registrations and will not be used for breeding.

Remember, bulldogs are great dogs but they aren’t meant for everyone.  Do your homework, research as much as possible about the breed, speak with many breeders, and always ask lots of questions pertaining to the breed. I encourage everyone interested in adopting from me to always come and visit my home to meet me and my dogs first. If a breeder does not allow you at their home when they determine you are a serious buyer, you should be concerned that they may be hiding something.  You should expect to be questioned by a breeder who has put in many hours raising a litter just as you should ask questions of them regarding their breeding program. All of my dogs are raised in the home and not in a kennel. My puppies are all socialized with my grandchildren in addition to adults and other dogs.

I hope you enjoy visiting my website.

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